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Products Range

Natural Skincare Products 60%
Natural Tanning Products 25%
Insect Repellents 15%
  • H.O. Gift Set No2

    Gift set No 2

    Herbolive gift sets combine several products from the Herbolive skincare line that each one of them offer a unique sensation to your body.

  • H.O. Sun Lotion SPF 30

    Herbolive Sun Lotion - SPF 30

    Sunscreen body lotion for high protection from UVA-UVB ultraviolet radiation. Enriched with sunflower oil, Organic Olive Oil, Vitamin E that activates skin’s defence against the sun and protects it from photo ageing.

  • H.O. Soap Aloe Vera

    Herbolive soap aloe

    Olive oil soaps have been used for centuries to moisturize and nourish the skin helping to tighten and tone it due to its natural antioxidants that olive oil contains. Natural olive oil soaps, made without artificial colors or unnecessary additives, stimulate new cell generation slowing the development of wrinkles while soften skin and alleviate many […]

  • H.O. Body Cream Cretan Dittany

    Herbolive Body Cream with Cretan Dittany

    Body cream with hydrating action. It contains, olive oil organically cultivated and active organic Aloe Vera, dittany, sunflower, almond oil and it is rich in vitamin E. It offers freshness and hydration making your skin smooth and soft.

  • A.N. Hair Gel

    Aloe Natura Hair Gel

    Styling gel with active extract of organic Aloe and Provitamin B5. Its natural formula offers a strong hold without damaging hair.

  • H.O. Mini Body Scrub Gel Olive

    HO MINI Body Scrub Gel Tube 390

    Exfoliating gel enriched with organic olive oil organically cultivated and active organic aloe cleanses, tones and moisturises the skin leaving it smooth and soft. Apply the cream on your body in a circular movements and rinse thoroughly after peeling.

  • H.O. Toothpaste With Cretan Dittany


    Herbolive toothpaste with Dittany contains 98% natural ingredients. Its formulation contains natural bioflavonoids from bigarade which has extraordinary antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

  • H.O. Hand Cream Calentula

    Herbolive hand calentula

    Hand creams enriched with natural ingredients ideal for everyday use. Easily-absorbed moisturizing hand creams that help to protect, condition and soften hands and cuticles. Hydrate and protect skin of the hands from daily exposure to dirt, pollution and harsh surfaces. Leave your hands soft and velvety to the touch.150ml.

  • H.O. Body Butter Aloe New!!

    Herbolive Body Butter Aloe Vera

    Body butter with organic olive oil organically cultivated, active organic Aloe Vera and panthenol. Hydrates and tonifies skin offering velvet look.

  • H.O. Body Lotion Purple Orchid

    Herbolive body lotion purple orchid

    The valuable extracts of olive oil and purple orchid offer skin freshness and moisturizing sensation. Rejuvenates and offers skin smoothness and tenderness.150ml

  • H.O. Body Lotion Almond

    Herbolive body lotion almond

    The valuable extracts of olive oil and almond offer skin freshness and moisturizing sensation. Rejuvenates and offers skin smoothness and tenderness. 150ml

  • A.N. Moisturizing Day Cream

    Aloe Natura Face Moisturizing Cream

    Day cream with drastic moisturizing ingredients, ideal for all skin types. Formula rich in almond oil, active Aloe, Vitamins and moisturizing factors that maintain skin’s moisture to a high level.

Founded in 2002, Madis S.A. is centrally located in Heraklion of Crete, Greece. Madis S.A. specializes in natural based cosmetics. Focusing on research and development, production and trading of cosmetics using natural ingredients from plant extracts, healing botanicals, olive oil and aloe vera. Providing our customers and suppliers with an integrated system of commercial services comprising of sales, marketing, trade marketing and logistics. We constitute an integral link in the sectors supply chain. Madis S.A. has an impressive company growth rate with successful product sales. Madis S.A. continuously invests in new partnerships, new product lines and innovative technologies.

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