Prunus amygdalus


Almond tree thrives in almost all  warm and dry areas of the near Mediterranean zone where it is cultivated since the ancient times. It is a deciduous tree reaching  4 to 12 meters in height, trunk with a diameter up to 30cms and eclipse shaped, lancealote and toothed leaves.

In Greek culture of ancient times it was a symbol of fertility and for Muslims the sign of heaven hope.

In Greece the almond tree is a symbol of nature’s rebirthing , a harbinger of spring and consequently of love. That is the reason it has inspired the work of many artists.


Almonds contain a high percentage of protein (21%),iron, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins of  Β complex. They also contain a high percentage of fat (near 50%),with many mono unsaturated  (39%) and few saturated fats (3,7%).

It consists a valuable food for the human organism.

The different parts of the plant (flowers, peel, fruit), have been used traditionally in various treatments such as whooping cough, bile and urinary system infections.

Almond oil is widely used in cosmetics as a conditioner, moisturizer and nutritional substance.