Rosmarinus officinalis


It is considered a symbol of remembrance, memory and justice, as it was believed that grows only in the courtyards of righteous people.

It is said to be one of the two herbs that the first created took with them, when they were expelled from Paradise. That is the reason why God had given to it special healing powers, in order to relieve mankind.

In ancient Greece it was considered a gift from goddess Aphrodite to the people. It had been used in various religious ceremonies and celebrations, in decoration of buildings, temples, and as a fuel for incense.

They used it for decorating the statues of Gods, and students when studying had been using it as a crown thanks to its property to stimulate memory.


Rosemary has antioxidant, disinfectant and tonic properties for the skin and hair. It is said that the essential oil stimulates the spirit, and helps prevent headaches and mental fatigue.