Our Philosophy is to enrich our formulas with natural active ingredients and thus to increase the natural ingredients proportion in the cosmetics formulas and at the same time to deliver

better quality products for the final consumer. Madis cosmetic chemists know how the cosmetics work on your skin and have a deep understanding on how natural cosmetics are formulated.

In Accordance with European Union rules and certifications authorities, Madis improves all the time the natural products formulations and delivers better products.

Products are designed to offer wellness and beauty to the final consumers and all Madis employees are encouraged to give their best selves to their jobs in order for consumers to have better results and satisfaction from use of Madis Natural Cosmetics.  Research and development of a cosmetic formulation requires inspiration firstly for the choice of the appropriate active ingredients and knowledge for the “building” of the formulation in order to be stable, effective and pleasant
for the final consumer. The continuous observation of the market and persistent updating of the most recent developments in cosmetology ( with our participation in international exhibitions and educational seminars), provide us with the knowledge to create innovative formulations that match perfectly our clients’ needs.

Madis natural cosmetics are produced after safety assessments  and according to European legislation. Several tests are made such us patch tests and efficacy tests and final products follow all European directives about labelling and compliance with international standards.