Laurel (laurus nobilis) is an aromatic plant of laurel family. It is an endemic plant of Mediterranean . In  the area of Greece  is also cultivated the Apollo laurel, known with popular names such as  palm, daphne, daphnolia and phyllada.  The annual world consumption of laurel leaves is not known.  Greece alone exports around two hundred tons annually.

In Greece laurel is known since the ancient times and  it is mentioned by Homers .

According to Mythology, nymph Daphne, wishing to reject Apollo’s love, resorted to her mother Earth, who transformed her into a tree. Apollo, repentant, wove with its leaves a wreath and decided that thereafter laurel tree  would  be dedicated to him.  For this reason  Pythia, Apollo’s priestess at the Delphi’s Oracle, before giving  her oracles she used to chew laurel leaves. Later it was believed that it protected people from the devil. The Greeks first and later the Romans used to crown with laurel branches the winners of games and poets. Therefore, even in now days laurel is related to glory, victory and superiority. In ancient times it was also known for its therapeutic powers.


Its leaves contain volatile oil which contains nineole, tannin and other ingredients..

Laurel oil is a hair tonic, which strengthens, darkens the hair and assists to the hair loss treatment.

Traditionally laurel oil  is used for the relief of rheumatic and arthritic pains.

It is also used for the treatment of the digestive system problems.