Active ingredients are  substances that are biologically active. 

Active ingredients are components in a cosmetic that provide some added cosmetic value, in contrast with the inactive ingredients, like water for example, which act as carriers to make the cosmetic easier for the body to process. Many cosmetics combine several active ingredients, and the interaction between them may be critical to the function of the cosmetics use.  Active Ingredients are used in cosmetics to give them specific properties. Each active ingredient has different properties and value in the cosmetic product and therefore to the final consumer.

Madis cosmetic laboratory is working hard in order to offer you cosmetic products with innovative active ingredients and plant extracts. We continuously strive to develop innovative new products in the cosmetics arena. Some of our more recent launches include ranges based on olive oil, aloe vera and herbs cosmetics.

Our selection of the active ingredients that we use for cosmetics comes from Greece and many other countries where originally the plants and herbs are grown to their natural lands.